If you’re not sure how to create a budget that actually works for YOUR needs…

If you’re lost in translation on all the financial jargon of a budget…

If you’re sick of having too much month at the end of your money

Even if you’re NEW to starting a budget…

Even if you don’t have any money experience…

You know it’s time to be PROACTIVE instead of reactionary and inconsistent.


Maybe you should just keep doing things the same way, over and over, and HOPING for the best. That’ll work, right? 

Is it even possible to overcome the internal barriers and stand up for yourself?

Are you ready to stop the guessing and start the DOING?! 

Start making your money work for you and make it make sense!


Module 1:

Mindset Budget Overview

Establish a sense of overall peace by learning the WHAT and HOW behind a budget so you can accomplish the DOING.

Module 2:

The Four Walls

What does your budget currently look like? What should it look like? 

Module 3:

Expense Experiences

Where is your extra money going? Are you having true FUN with your extra money?

Module 4:

Debbie Debter

Evaluate what debt is and IS NOT and why your FICO score is not an indicator of wealth. Let’s CRUSH debt.

Module 5:

Planning for Freedom

Learn to plan ahead. Make adjustments to make dreams happen.